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Фото Great Wall Deer G1
Year: 2005
Great Wall Deer G1 - double 2-door pickup on the basis of Toyota Hilux. Plant name - REGULAR/SINGLE CABIN PICKUP
  • Engine: 2.3L 105 hp
  • Dimensions of the loading platform - 2260x1465x405
Deer - a family of 4 models of pickups on the common base. The simplest – Deer G1: Double pickup with rear drive. Deer G2 has 2-door 5-seater cabin. Deer G3 and Deer G5 have 4-door cabin. G5 differs from G3 by an elongated base and richer equipment
Deer G1 Deer G2 Deer G3 Deer G4 Deer G5

Great Wall Deer G1

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