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Фото Great Wall Voleex C30
Электрическая версия: C30 EV

Great Wall Voleex C30
Was voted the best compact passenger car in 2010 in China. Actively used in a taxi.
Restyled in 2012.
  • Engine: 1.5L 106 hp
  • Gearbox: Manual, Semiautomatic
Price in China: 54.900 - 74.900 yuans ($8.240 - $11.240)
Year: 2010
Sedan class
The model was restyled in 2013
  • Engine: 1.5T 133 hp
  • Gearbox: Manual
Price in China: 73.900 - 85.900 yuans ($11.090 - $12.890)
Year: 2010

Discontinued cars

Minicrossover Great Wall Haval M1 (Peri 4x4)
Produced on the basis of Great Wall Peri (Modernization was carried out in connection with the fact that Turin court imposed sanctions to Great Wall related to the similarity Great Wall Haval M1 with Peri Fiat Panda)
  • Front or all wheel drive
  • Engine: 1.5L 92 hp.
Year: 2009
Great Wall Coolbear.
  • Engine: 1.5L 105 hp
  • Gearbox: Manual, Automatic
Price in China: 63.900 - 87.900 yuans ($9.590 - $13.190)
Year: 2008
Great Wall Florid.
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Engines: petrol 1.3L 87 hp, 1.5L 99 hp and diesel 1.2L 74 hp
Year: 2008
Great Wall Voleex C10
Front-wheel drive hatchback class "B", also known under the names i7, Great Wall Phenom.
First presented at the Shanghai Motor Show 2007
  • Engines: 1.5L 105 hp, 1.3L 93 hp
  • Gearbox: CVT, Manual
Year: 2007
Great Wall Peri.
Looks like a copy of Fiat Panda therefore prohibited for import into Europe. On the basis of Peri a new model - Hover M1 was produced.
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Engine: 1.4L 87 hp.
  • Transmission: 5-gear manual.
Year: 2006


Sedan Great Wall Voleex C70
Concept car
Year: 2010
Electric car GWKulla.
Presented at Beijing Auto Show 2008 .
  • Driving Range: 140 km
  • Max speed: 65 km/h
  • Battery capacity: 7.2 kWth
Concept car
Year: 2008
Great Wall GWFeelFine.
Presented at Beijing Auto Show 2008 .
  • Engine: 1.5L 109 hp
Concept car
Year: 2008

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